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Uploaded by Tjeezers for Asian Porn Cams

Videos Gbc-284-electra, Scene #01

Electra and the Cocksmen don’t waste any time once she is up on the pedestal. Her gangbang starts with her tight blue dress already hiked halfway up with Chris rubbing her pussy and Randy feeling her boobs. The dress doesn’t make it even a minute before Electra is naked and surrounded by her FIVE COCKSMEN. The first topic of conversation is her natural, full bush before Will decides to claim his GUESS THE V win and be the first to dive into it. All the Cocksmen make their first push in Electra’s bush in missionary before she gets flipped over to get spit-roasted (her favorite) between Will & Randy and some other Cocksman combos. It seems none of the Cocksmen can resist rubbing up on Electra’s awesome natural boobs while she is on her hands and knees. Her blue piercings make her nipples stand at permanent attention at their peaks. Scotty makes Electra cum first while she jerks Will off in her hands. Her pussy is so good, Scotty forgets the camera is behind him and gives it an unintentional kick! All is well, though, as Randy takes over behind Electra as she notices the camera overhead. She gets off on looking into it as she is fucked and strokes off all the dicks around her. Her hood piercing dangles and swings and her toes wiggle as she gets Denmark dick from behind. Next it’s time for some rides as Electra hops up on Scotty in cowgirl before switching to reverse on Randy. He says he can feel her bush tickle his balls as she bounces up and down on him. Will puts her across the bench on her back so Chris can put his cock down her throat upside-down from the other side. The position nearly becomes an entanglement before the action moves to the floor. Scotty fulfills his New Year’s resolution to be the first one to cum in the girls more often as he gives Electra creampie #1. Now that her pussy is well-lubed, it’s time for some DOUBLE VAG, Electra’s first on-camera! Randy and Chris double-stuff her first before the rest of the Cocksmen give it a whirl. She flips over in reverse to restart the rotation and Randy gives her creampie #2 while still in DOUBLE VAG. Chris pounds it in good solo with Electra in plank before dumping his own load #3 on top of it. Rex turns it into a lightning round as he piles creampie #4 into Electra, making her pussy a cum-filled mess. There is still one more load to go, though, as Will paints her face with his own special blend of baby batter. Electra lays back with her legs spread to show off the gooey loads still inside her as her FIVE COCKSMEN surround her for a final photo op to send to her partner. This lady has far too much energy for just one gangbang. We need to have her back for a second round, don’t you agree? Sound off in the comments and let us know. We’ll tally the results and keep an eye on Electra’s electric career so hopefully we can bring her back soon to GangbangCreampie!

Date: February 28, 2023