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Uploaded by Tjeezers for Asian Porn Cams

Doggy in Cream September Edition, Scene #01

September takes a break from cowgirl collections and focuses on doggie for a change. Doggie has been a very popular favorite position for the girls of GangbangCreampie recently, including 24-year-old Nadia, booby teen Luna, and MILF-y veteran Tricia. The first salty dog up for this inaugural doggie compilation is Randy behind haunch-y soccer babe Nadia. His dick fills her hind quarters while Will’s fills her muzzle. Scotty moves in to bury his bone in her mouth while Randy keeps pounding away from behind at Nadia’s tight hole. Will tags in to take in the magnificent view from behind Nadia’s tight butt before Rex takes over to drop a load in Nadia from the rear (but not in her rear– this time). 19-year-old Luna is up next in her FIRST GANGBANG EVER, surrounded by four cocks while propped up in doggie on the pedestal. She not only has a dick in her from behind, but also one in her mouth, and two in her hands. Chris bangs her relentlessly until she makes the Ahegao face in ecstasy as she gets fucked like never before. Rico cycles in as Randy encourages Luna to adjust her position to ‘Downward Dog’ so she can suck his and Nacho’s dicks while she gets railed on all fours. Randy is the next dirty dog to take Luna in her favorite position on the bench before Tricia takes over as the center of attention. Chris takes her from behind in doggie while she sticks Scotty’s and Randy’s dicks in her mouth at the same time. Scotty tries her out from the back next as Tricia gets surrounded by her FIVE COCKSMEN, keeping one in her mouth, pussy, and both hands at all times. Randy cycles in to bang her out from the back as two more Cocksmen position themselves to double up in Tricia’s skilled mouth. Next Solo takes Tricia in doggie on the floor for the final creampie of the collection while Randy cradles her heavy boobs, Chris fills her mouth with cocks, and Nacho paints her face with cum. What a finish to the first-ever Doggie in Cream compilation! Will there be another? That depends on your votes and comments, subscribers. Tell us what you think and we’ll keep sniffing out more hot action like the dogs we are on THE WORLD’S BEST FIRST GANGBANG, GangbangCreampie!

Date: February 28, 2023