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Uploaded by Tjeezers for Asian Porn Cams

Blowbang with Victoria 2, Scene #01

Victoria has tons of hidden talents she talked about in her interview and that she busted out during her gangbang, but it turns out she has even more to show off in her second installment of GREET THE MEAT. She can blow bubbles with all the drool she produces sucking off her FIVE COCKSMEN. She also makes some righteous gagging and slurping noises while she has all those big dicks in her mouth. We know from her interview that she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it, so it’s no surprise that she took complete charge during the red carpet. She told us she likes to be spit on and into, but she likes to put out as much as she wants to take in. Victoria simply cannot wait and starts masturbating within the cock-ring, a beautiful sight to behold. Chris fingers her to bring her to the point of ecstasy just before the Cocksmen give Victoria her COCKTOPUS. Victoria’s epic ass is too pretty to obscure by carrying her down the hall this week, so the Cocksmen just let her walk that thing down the hall and watch it bounce as they follow her to the pedestal. Victoria gave us one hell of a gangbang wouldn’t you agree? Let’s see what you think in the comments. Should we keep her on speed dial? You tell us while we await the members’ answers on GangbangCreampie!

Date: February 28, 2023