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Uploaded by Tjeezers for Asian Porn Cams

Blowbang with London R 2, Scene #01

Things start off on a romantic note for London’s triumphant return to GREET THE MEAT as Will plants a big smooch on London’s big, beautiful lips. There was none of that in her first gangbang way-back-when. She’s setting the tone for a whole new vibe this time and it’s gonna be awesome! Her lips aren’t the only things that are big and beautiful on her. Have we talked about London’s gorgeous 34DDDs yet? Maybe we have, but they’re worth mentioning again. What about that badonkadonk butt of hers too? She is just an amazing total package all-around, any way you look at her. The FIVE COCKSMEN are certainly looking at her with eyes wide like dinner plates as they rub up on her with their hands and start putting their dicks in her mouth one-by-one. However, that’s not to say London won’t eventually get two dicks in her mouth at the same time before the day is done. Randy busts out some FUN FACTS for London since she didn’t get any of those back in 2018. She seems to appreciate it, but is preoccupied with all the prime cock in her face. Since London told us she likes geeks who know a lot about dinosaurs, the guys bust out some dino humor before Randy slides under London to CHECK THE OIL for her. Based on her episode of GUESS THE V, Chris appropriately calls it ‘clam diving’ for this week. Nacho goes in for a second opinion while London sucks the other four Cocksmen to their hilts. Scotty and Chris tit-slap her with their dicks while Nacho continues his work down below, much to London’s satisfaction. She leans back to take Will down her throat from behind while still stroking two of her other studs, followed by more reverse cock-swallowing with Chris. Scotty presents a DICK TABLE in front of London and gives her a good TIT-FUCKING between those ample mounds of hers. Keeping her hands and mouth full at all times, London start making some impressive spit trails as she sucks off her FIVE COCKSMEN with increasing vigor. Randy tries out her throat from behind before London gets an epic COCKTOPUS in her face. Chris escorts her down the hall like a gentleman where the pedestal awaits for London to get railed once again and filled by her new team of Cocksmen. Watch her first gangbang (#160), then compare it to her spankin’ new one. Which do you prefer? Tell us in the comments. Should London be one of the rare girls who come back for a third? It’s all up to you, the members, as we prepare another sexy Gangbang Queen for next week here on GangbangCreampie!

Date: February 28, 2023