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Uploaded by Tjeezers for Asian Porn Cams

Blowbang With Liz, Scene #01

Even though she’s never done this before on-camera, Liz looks so right on the red carpet and ready to go with FIVE COCKSMEN’s dicks surrounding her face, ready to be sucked. Having never been with gentlemen of color before, she decides to put some of them in her mouth first. Jon Rogue is back and he starts the FUN FACTS! Randy and Chris follow before Mr. Denmark slides under Liz’s hood to CHECK THE OIL. With Chris’s lips on her boobs and Randy’s lips on hers, Liz is one happy girl. It’s amazing how well she knows how to multitask since this is her FIRST GANGBANG EVER! Chris checks under the hood one more time for a second opinion. It turns out he was right; Liz is cherry flavored. He also nearly manages to finger Liz to the first in a parade of orgasms. Those begin in earnest once she’s up on the pedestal. However, once she gets started, it’s not difficult for her to keep hitting those ‘Big O’s. Speaking of big, not only is this Liz’s first time with FIVE COCKSMEN, she also tells us these are the biggest dicks she has ever had. Liz is totally tasty, warranting a third oil check from the other side by Randy before things are done. Liz’s first ever session of GREET THE MEAT ends with her first ever COCKTOPUS (lots of firsts for 19-year-old Liz today) before she is winged away in Randy’s arms to the pedestal down the hall. You have to check out Liz’s epic gangbang. She performs with the ability of someone with way more experience on-camera. Remember this is only her FIFTH SCENE EVER! Hopefully next week’s girl is taking some notes from Liz so she can hope to match her awesome performance. There’s only one way to find out if she even comes close; come back next week to see on GangbangCreampie!

Date: February 28, 2023