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Uploaded by Tjeezers for Asian Porn Cams

Blowbang with Holly Hotwife, Scene #01

Holly already has red carpet looks, but this might not be the red carpet her hairstylist may have pictured. However, it’s definitely the red carpet Holly wants to be on. She is surrounded by her FIVE COCKSMEN all with their dicks in her face, exactly where she wants them. Randy is the lucky first Cocksman in Holly’s mouth, so you know what that means: FUN FACTS! The rest of the guys are pretty much dumbstruck by Holly’s stunning looks, so the FUN FACTS end quickly this week. While the other four Cocksmen keep their mouths shut, Randy occupies his mouth by sliding under Holly’s hood to check the oil for her while she sucks off the others. He gives it the thumbs ups; everything seems to be in order down there. Chris does a follow-up diagnostic for a second opinion. Holly breaks out those glorious 36Cs so Eddie can do his signature crab-walk and tit-fuck her properly. The dicks are firing in and out of her mouth and cleavage like pistons in perfect rhythm. It’s safe to say her engine is purring. That wedding ring shines as her hubby watches Holly suck off five studs in her debut session of GREET THE MEAT. He couldn’t be more proud. Eddie enjoyed it so much the first time, he goes back for one more crab-walk titty-fuck, but this time with no hands from Ms. Holly. She ends her first appearance on the Gangbang Station’s red carpet with a COCKTOPUS of unparalleled sexiness. She says it’s ‘incredible’ to have those five big cocks in her face. She’ll be so happy after those five dicks fill her with creampies. Talk about your female wet pussy! All that’s left is to carry her down the hall to the pedestal to get her FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED. Watch her scene now and achieve gangbang nirvana. Next week’s Gangbang Queen has a tough job ahead of her, trying to match the smoldering hotness of Holly’s performance this week. See if she can pull it off by coming back next week to GangbangCreampie!

Date: February 28, 2023